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The Armory Show returns March 2-5th 2017 to NYC as a definitive cultural destination for discovering and collecting the worlds most important art works. Coinciding with this year’s edition of the renown art fair Elena Ab Gallery will showcase works by blue-chip & emerging, local & international artists. The Gallery is presenting artworks spanning movements, media and cultures from the 20th and 21st centuries. Elena Ab Gallery offers expert services in sales, Consultancy, & appraisals of fine art. We are pleased to provide certificates of authenticity with all of the works which we purvey.

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Dr.Reda Abdelrahman
Acrylic,papyrus paper,pencil,charcoal,gold leaf on canvas
9.75″ x 9.75″

Dr.Reda Abdelrahman is one of Egypt’s leading contemporary artists of the 20th & 21st century, his artistic expression focusing on the relationship between what he regards as his ancient Egyptian heritage and the demands of contemporary life. Reda was an important founding artist in the acclaimed interfaith CARAVAN ARTS INITIATIVE, he  hosted annual The CARAVAN FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS and he is an ongoing participant artist in THE CARAVAN Exhibitions. DR.REDA’s prolific and international career in the arts has taken him around the world from Egypt to Latin America to Europe & U.S.A

The daring Visions and Mystical Sculpture is a part of a series
Bronze Sculpture on polished stainless steel chair
Figure-27″ x 22″ Chair 32″ x 18″

#The Contortionist Bronze sculpture
Vurkovitsky’s works are in the collections of #Donald Trump #Nelson Rockerfeller #Prince Rainer of Monaco & his sculpture #The Circus Announcer graces #The Vatican Musuem. The Jewish Columbian artist has become, at the age of 40, the highest selling sculptor in Latin American history.

Paolo “Zero-T” Capezzuoli
aluminum,spray paint,on wooden board
105″ x 55″

Angelina Jolie
Elena Ab
Acrylic Paint, 24 carat Egyptian Gold leaf on canvas
“UN/DONE The Gold Collection”
75″x 45″

Royal Blood
Christopher Hart Chambers

Expanded polystyrene,fiberglass,epoxy resin,urethane based
automotive paints
23″ x 50″ x 4″


Red/Green/Blue Square
Karel Appel
21.5″ x 29.5″
We are presenting a private collection of over 100 lithographs printed on Varick st. New York City, N.Y. for over 20 years, this collection consists of signed artist proof in appreciation for the printers work. The collection has Salvador Dali, Lester Johnson, Raphael Soyer, Ian Hornack, Lamar Briggs, Sybil Kleinrock, Karel Appel. A number of lithographs by Karel Appel were auctioned this past October 2016 at the Phillips Auction House New York City.